Saturday, June 14, 2014

Beauty Fix: Help! I Have a Mustache!

Help! I have a mustache!
I am not ashamed to admit that I may have some unwanted facial hair. I'm Italian and dark hair runs in the family so naturally dark hair= mustache. I haven't always been so accepting of this fact though.

I grew up with a younger brother and brothers can be kind of mean honest. I remember my brother pointing out the dark hair above my lip and I was SO UPSET. I was probably about 13 or so and was already having a rough time being a girl when a mustache was added to the mess. Back then I used to Nair my legs (didn't we all though?) and so I thought I would just Nair the 'stache right off my face. BIG MISTAKE. I ended up burning the skin above my upper lip and had to face middle school with that obvious burn covered in caked-on makeup. UGH!

After learning that tough lesson, I moved on to the Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kits that are actually meant for your face. These worked wonders for me. I felt SO much better about myself and used these all through high school and up until last year. When I moved in with my boyfriend about 5 years ago, he started assisting me with the waxing and it turned out even better having help (we're gross, I know). Last year, I either must have gotten a bad batch or they changed the formula because the wax would NOT remove any hair. It just melted all over my skin and made a big mess. We tried a few different times and had no luck so I decided I needed to find another solution for my...uh...problem.
Gabriella Facial Razor Package
I decided to purchase these mini facial razors and they have CHANGED MY LIFE. I know a lot of people find the idea of 'shaving' your facial hair really weird (my friends included) but I absolutely swear by these. I use these about once a week depending on how much hair you can see and use them right after I shower. This way my skin is already damp and the heat has opened my pores. I just run the razor along the hair quickly and it takes me about 5 seconds. You can also clean up your brow area, sideburns and any peach fuzz with these razors. I love this method because I can remove hair in seconds instead of having to wait for the hair to grow out in order to wax.
Gabriella Facial Razors
The only thing that I would caution you on when using this method to remove hair is to be careful. A razor can cut you if you are not careful and though I haven't cut myself yet, it can happen. Also, be careful when shaving close to the lip as you can cause ingrown hairs and they can be very painful. Again, this is not something that happens often but I would definitely caution you if you are not familiar with this method. I've been using them for over a year now so I know exactly where and how to use the razor on my face. I've linked to the razors that I use and recommend but I know there are all different brands out there that can do the same thing so find what works best for you!

Let me know if you have any questions! I consider myself pretty knowledgeable on the subject. ;)

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