Thursday, January 30, 2014

Current Nail Color: Essie in Sable Collar

I finally got around to painting my nails this month as I haven't had painted nails since Christmas! I actually attempted to paint my nails sparkly for New Years but my top coat made my nails look 'foggy' and I was so mad I removed it all and have had plain nails since.
Essie Sable Collar Bottle
I decided to try out one of the colors that my mom got me for Christmas. I chose Essie's Sable Collar and I absolutely love the color! It's a plummy/smokey brown shade with a slight bronze shimmer to it. It isn't glittery at all but when you move your nails under the light you can see the shimmer effect. It's very subtle and very pretty. I used the same topcoat as before (stupid!) and so my nails turned out a little bit foggy again. I am in need of a new top coat for sure! Ugh!
Essie Sable Collar Swatch
Regardless of the topcoat, the color is really elegant and great for Winter. It's dark without being black for those who don't really like dark nail colors. I can definitely see myself wearing this color a lot during Fall/Winter time. I figured I'd try to get my warm wintery colors in before it's time for bright Spring shades!

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