Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Review: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipstick in 107

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 107
Rimmel London's Lasting Finish Kate Moss Collection lipstick in number 107 has been my most worn lip color for Fall and Winter this year. This color is well loved all over the internet and for good reason. The berry red color is perfect for the colder months and it's one of those colors that looks good on everyone!
Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 107 Swatch
The formula of this lipstick is super creamy and glides on so smooth! It doesn't feel drying and my lips seem to stay pretty hydrated while I'm wearing it which is a plus in my book. This lipstick is marketed as long lasting and I would agree as long as you aren't eating and drinking a lot while wearing it. I wore it for about an hour before I had something to drink and it came off on my glass a bit. The color and the creaminess of the lipstick make it totally worth it for me, though. When the color does fade, it fades to an almost pinky red that is still very pretty. Also, did I mention that this lipstick can be found for less than $6? Such a steal!
Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 107
Basically, I am in love with this lipstick. It has a home in my purse so that I have it on me at all times. It's that fabulous!

Have you ever tried the Kate Moss lipsticks from Rimmel? What's your favorite color? I'm eyeing number 109 next!


  1. That red color looks FABULOUS on you!! I am still scared to try out a bold red lip, can you believe it?! I'm taking baby steps by starting with pale pinks ;) You've inspired me to go for it!!


    1. Oh I'm sure you could pull off red! It just takes finding the right one! I never thought I'd be able to pull it off. I had to search forever until I found one that I thought looked okay with my skin color/hair color. I hope you try it, you may be pleasantly surprised! :)


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